AN Security

About ME Leclerc

I’m a former Navy Hospital Corpsman (FMF), Federal Law Enforcement Officer and currently work in the Security field in Iraq. This page is dedicated to national security, intelligence and military stories of interest to me and others who love the United States.

My undergraduate work involves criminal justice and psychology in addition to graduate work in strategic intelligence.

I wish to forge a sound national security policy and education of the public through personal essays and papers so please feel free to check my sources and drop a comment or question. Education is most important as we face serious defense issues and this is my humble contribution.

  1. I’m Jim Wade. I know that we met. I want to go cover ther closing of STRYKER. Call me and I’ll be there.
    Jim Wade

  2. So where are you now, Doc? Hope you’re well. Where’s Gunny Sizemore?

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