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Part I: Tu Casa es mi Casa: Opening the flood gates

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The U.S. is facing a crisis of massive proportions in regards to illegal immigration and how it impacts society, the economy, domestic and national security. Not only do we have to deal with daily incursions through our borders but also there are issues with enforcement for those who overstay their welcome who come from countries other than Mexico. Certainly most people will not begrudge these folks for wanting to take advantage of opportunities available in another country while at home they have little chance of survival. While for the most part illegal incursions may be just the desperate escape from poverty and political and social strife, enemies of the United States are also desperate to gain entrance quietly and unobtrusively.

It is in the mass movement across the border that affords many other people, classified as Other than Mexicans (OTM), the access they seek. The revolving door border situation is attributable to many causes, most of them political, however the tasking rests on the overburdened shoulders of federal and local law enforcement. Population control is the issue not being handled as millions of aliens move about the country virtually undetected or unreported.

Open U.S. borders are isolated and remote areas which pose a security threat that most countries would mitigate quickly and effectively through consistent enforcement and prosecution. Were the process reversed, as has occured to a small number of individuals visiting Mexico, one violation of local law will swiftly result in jail time. To Mexicans it is a duty to protect and preserve their sovreignty. The same attitude and political foundations must exist in a country inorder to protect it. Aliens move about with ease, unlike back home where someone with a uniform can and will stop them to demand to see their ‘papers.’

So far in the United States, that is not a reality and if ever implemented would probably catch many a non-citizen however there is always a downside to every mitigation; at some point a citizen may be asked to show proof of citizenship at random, a move that will whittle away slowly at our freedoms. It is difficult to discriminate between one group of people which poses no major threat and another group which blends in, is well funded, knows American culture and can survive better on their own. Like any incursion, almost reminiscent of the stay-behind teams in Vietnam; there must be someone on the inside to help facilitate not only entry into the country but free passage through the country and make them as invisible to law enforcement as possible. Sometimes this is a daunting task because concealment is tricky in many communities and the introduction of new and strange people into any town U.S.A. will raise some suspicions.

But then a strong tolerance must be built in some parts of the native population to help ignore an alien’s presence and make them no more than background noise. This perception change is one of the factors aliens can move about unimpeded for the most part because people simply ignore them. There must be a support network carefully implemented before someone can enter the country. It is a reality that this network is composed of Americans. Aliens know U.S. law. They know the law better than a citizen for two reasons:

  1. Knowing the law enables them to plan how to counter act it by finding loopholes to help them stay
  2. Knowing the law enable them to fight detention and/deportation through arbitration or socical campaigning

Some laws appear to be designed with the purpose of making illegal entry even easier. The Obama administration has accomplished what the Bush administration had refused to support. It will be easier for people entering the U.S. at any entry port to claim refugee or request asylum and can prove fear of persecution in their home countries will have the chance to be released in the U.S. Of course, immigration and human services swear that these individuals will be held in custody just the same while their petitions are undergoing review. Eventually it should be important to find out the limitations and the type of accountability of the asylum seeker because it’s only logical for a government to know where these people are. So far there is not information on how this initiative will work in real life and what issues that will bring to the table.

Even with a legal avenue for aliens to stay in country there are those who guide them through rough terrain, facing incalculable dangers from fauna, topography and weather to venture into the U.S. This is done with no regard to the safety of those crossing the borders. The Transborder Immigrant tool works with GPS technology and was designed by faculty members at the University of California at San Diego (SD, you just lost points with me). The technology is supposed to exonerate those using it to pass incursion into the country by sending out warnings and information. Even if there is no direct involvement that should perhaps qualify as a felony to assist them in entering the country illegally. First, the intention may appear to be very benign but it is also posing more dangers to these people in that it is possible the information is incorrect or not updated and the main purpose of the phones, which by the way are bought with grant money paid for with public funds – are taken to Mexico then sold for around $30. For those who cannot afford the cell phones there are always McCain water station manuals along their route.

When asked about the irony of using public funds to insert the GPS into these phones one of the leaders of this insurgent movement commented:

“There are many, many areas in which every American would say I don’t like the way my tax dollars are being spent. Our answer to that is an in-your-face, so what?” says UCSD lecturer Brett Stalbaum, 33, a self-described news junkie who likens his role to chief technology officer.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio knows all about fighting insurgency-type operations. In his quest to serve his community his aggressive and high-effective ICE raids and the numerous arrests of criminals legal or otherwise, has been fighting two issues actually. One was the limitations of his power in accordance with the 287g which basically allowed local and federal agencies to work together as local cops. DHS’s Napolitano saw he was too good at it and handed down a sanitized version that would slow down his progress. Aparently his raids are yielding excellent results and his ability to work and jurisdiction should be curtailed. Arpaio has been instrumental in the arrest of 30,000 illegal aliens jailed in his county One his detractors is Lydia Guzman who heads a group named RESPETO (Respect). Her organization conducts intelligence and surveillance work using texting technology to warn Latinos and other Hispanics of Sheriff Arpaio’s operations. She says it’s about protecting people from racial profiling, which is one of the main complaints that got DHS to cut his powers. This is a technique used by the British against the IRA. Teams composed of soldiers in civilian clothes were posted throughout Irish towns. Soldiers would take up surveillance inside abandoned buildings and such to observe people they were after and when they spotted them a call was placed to their command center, there the information would be distributed to the local cops and military working with them and dispatched to the scene. Many good arrests were made that way. The same principle is used in this borderline unlawful advance warning system to aliens. This goes beyond prevention of racist profiling; it is enabling the invasion of foreign peoples into the U.S. Arpaio faces even more obstacles as a federal grand jury is conducting an investigation of him and another peace officer. It’s hard to do a good job when there is so much opposition.

It doesn’t pay to serve and protect

An Arizona Border Patrol agent shot and killed a Mexican citizen believed to have crossed illegally into the U.S. One can only hope that there will be no nationally broadcast case against the officer for racism or some other charge. This is reminiscent of agents Ramos and Compean who were only performing their duties in one of the most thankless and dangerous jobs known to law enforcement. These two officers were vilified for engaging a drug peddler while on patrol, shot him as he fled then did not report the shooting. Strangely enough agents Ramos and Compean’s sentence commutation before the end of Mr. Bush’s term brought little solace to them as their reputations and civil status have been damaged. Clearly, officers convicted of felonies will have much trouble finding employment in the field of security and also posed a great financial burden on their families. The AG is still pretty sure that what he did was right but then if the crime was so heinous why grant the pardon? Frankly, after a thorough investigation it would have been advisable to suspend and eventually remove them from service. Rules are rules though the media circus pushed the story as though the case was concealed from the public. AG Johnny Sutton’s statement that the officers had received sufficient punishment but that he supported the president’s decision just rubs one the wrong way for some reason. Either way, the contention that Mexicans crossing our border illegally should be afforded them the same rights we enjoy through citizenship is disturbing and will lead to further their special status treatment…and the demise of law and order in the U.S.

Part Two: Destroying our Heroes


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