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How to dismantle a country in five easy steps

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The anatomy of a conspiracy national security emergency theory

The object of this essay is to illustrate how domestic policies projected at the global level can leave the United States vulnerable for more attacks. Our national security has been compromised since before the September 11 attacks however our ability to maintain a solid security foundation for generations to come is nearly gone. There are several factors involved in this equation, many which should be handled with great expediency as there is little time to waste wondering if there is a real emergency. This is an intellectual exercise however sometimes answers to real questions are born of theories formed just for entertainment or as part of a course of study. You be the judge. I’ve split up these points into five essays because the piece is too long as a whole and will probably make your eyes roll and your body shake out of control. I get a bit longwinded sometimes but let me pose to you a hypothesis then I promise to break down the evidence presented and let you roll with the rest. I cannot promise to leave out emotions out of this discussion however I am as objective as humanly possible. First and foremost, in order to dismantle a country we need a significant event to happen before we have a good working conspiracy theory. Let’s take a look at how a crisis can spurr on a national emergency.

Examples of a national security crisis

The catalysts

I.            Spend, spend, spend!

The New Axis of Evil

There is no logical argument against financial stability in that the more debt a country has the more dependent it is on the kindness of other states. Having a lot of debt can leave a country as vulnerable as a wounded animal in the woods. It’s just a matter of time before some predator smells its prey and moves in for the kill. With no cash or other resources – say, we could start drilling our own oil reserves and become energy independent – a spendthrift state must find ways to generate revenue or turning to the corner loan shark for help. Of course, we’re good for it, right? I’d hate to see what Chinese thugs can do if we don’t pay our bills….brass knuckles at the ready.

Vlad, you da man!

The problem is the lender or lenders may not have our best interest at hand…but it has every intention on benefiting from this negative turn of events. To prove this point, look at Russia and Venezuela. Their trade relationship may seem strange to outsiders but it makes perfect sense.  These two are apt partners, kindred spirits even. Back in those days if Russia/USSR wanted something, it simply called up some troops and plundered it.

Unfortunately wars cost money and so does national security. They spent too much, demoralized its armed forces and the whole world watched as their entire country and its economy collapsed. Going from a military superpower (in their estimation) to a pauper nation with sick and demoralized armed forces and populace, the Soviets found out the moral to this lesson:

The next time, they would amass great wealth, rebuild their empire and sit to wait out as the rest of the world went about its business and believing the Soviet threat was long gone. No longer was it feasible to fund pet projects like Cuba or spearheading the spread of communist rule throughout the world…wars run on money. Russia is going to be a wealthy country with an improved military capability. Its allies, Iran and  Venezuela  have access to oil reserves sufficient to generate a combined wealth that could support a trade and military might. Today the Soviets Putin’s Russia is getting out of its old Soviet-era debt, so in time this military rival will be able to afford to upgrade its defenses and finance small conflicts. The brutal incursion into Georgia was a practice run reminiscent of the Czech invasion.

No, you can't play with that Soviet-Red nose, Rudolph!

Once the Afghanistan debt is paid off Russia is coming back into the world scene with a brand new suit and looking like it is ready to behave, campaign for membership into the WTO and NATO and hopefully be allowed to participate in the reindeer games. Really, there is no trace of his GRU/KGB former ways but a nicer, cleaner, more western-friendly Ruskie. Don’t pass on the vodka just yet.

Putin’s friendly request that the Obama administration relinquish it missile technology is meant to taunt the US into submission through fear as it is often the case with these guys. Russia is feeling lonely without all of the former republics and fears those countries will side with the US and pose a national security threat. If the US were to use this technology in order to counteract any offensive measures developed by the Soviets Russians then the US will be less apt to engage them in a confrontation over Iran’s missile capability expending to Europe. The weakness projected by the US guarantees that invitations to lay down on our backs becomes a reality. Saber-rattling and posturing by Venezuela and Iran are a good distraction while the more capable Russians can work on an execution phase of their strategy.  Putin can take his time.

After all, having cancelled the implementation of the missile shield base in Poland dealt a blow to the hopes of safety and security in former Soviet republics and natural enemies alike. Many in Eastern Europe what am I saying, all of Europe! are terrified that history will yet again subject them to Soviet-style expansionism which is a profitable endeavor when there is plenty of money to spend. In the meantime the creditworthiness of the US drops quickly and dangerously. The cancellation of the F-22 fighter program surprised many in Washington, especially after the program was slated for the production of more aircraft only to be turned around completely. Secretary of Defense Gates stated that the augmentation of the F-22 was unnecessary; that the aircraft had no place in the war on terror. Domestic spending is at a high and increasing and comparing that to defense budgets we are spending very little. The nuclear arsenal does not have to be increased however, under recommendation from senior military leadership, it is not the amount of nukes we have but the technology employed in this type of ordnance. The Chinese are upgrading their technology as are other countries while the US lags behind. Upgrading our capability ensures the bad guys are caught off guard and are not able to come up with countermeasures.

An economically unstable country is just a powder keg waiting to go off. Add to that condition other variables and see what happens. In the US fiscal irresponsibility is a disastrous policy not only for the local economy and for the futures of of many Americans but it is a sign of great weakness and a signal for other states, friendly and hostile alike, to prepare for war. China has absorbed most of the US debt and is treading carefully right now, watching each and every development with great interest. Capitalism is an added bonus to the communist giant, one that has made its military growth possible. This is the first step in opening the door towards a compromise in security. But that alone will not create the conditions needed to dismantle a system. For that, we need the element of fear in the domestic arena, something that will propell the need for drastic change.

Considering Iran and Venezuela’s constant media bombardment against the US and its hostile overtures we should consider this a good possibility that cooperation between these hostile states is very real and has all the elements of a coalition ready to strike at our most vulnerable time. Even though sometimes events can take place in a linear form and set off expected outcomes, we must be mindful of the outcomes that we cannot measure within the doctrine of conventional wisdom. With that said, have some fun looking at these cases. This is a mental exercise after all…

How’s your health been lately?

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