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The Hezbollah/Venezuela Connection

In global war on terrorism, hugo chavez, intelligence, national security, venezuela terrorism, venezuela threat on November 26, 2009 at 4:15 pm

Venezuela has become the catalyst for growing hostility towards the US since the beginning of Hugo Chavez’s presidency in 1999. There is a strong indication that the Chavez administration aims to build a military coalition with or without cooperation from neighboring countries. This will be accomplished through the introduction of foreign state presence in the region beginning with a long-standing friendship with Cuba’s Fidel Castro, industrial and trade relationships with Iran and military cooperation with Russia in the past 12 months.  The Bolivarian Revolution’s pace has systematically mutated from flagship of social and political reform into a globalization campaign focused primarily to challenge US interests abroad by seeking alliances with states equally hostile to the US in order to achieve control of region. Whether this endeavor is successful or not will depend on the level of military support from states such as Russia, China and Iran as well as newly-formed regional support from Bolivia and Ecuador. However tempting it would be to label Chavez’s military buildup as an elaborate ruse to cover up problems at home the potential benefits of such alliances could tip the balance of power in the western hemisphere and keep the US out of continent. Two potential causes for this shift in Venezuela’s national defense and foreign policy are identified; one – it is becoming a failed state and desperately seeking territorial expansion through military force and economic blackmail to ensure its own survival and two – a desire to annex neighboring countries in order to secure military and political supremacy in the region. Since I wrote the paper Dangerous Partnership: How Venezuela’s alliance with Russia, Cuba and Iran is forging the next military superpower in the western hemisphere (which was published in my old blog now deleted) back in November of 2008, I was on the path to playing intelligence analyst and give event prediction a try not just because of school but because it’s amazing how old history always seems to seep right back into current events. I can already spot a sequel to this blog but I won’t spoil it.  Several interesting things happened since November 2008 in the weeks preceding the regional and general elections in Venezuela that pointed at possible civil war, but then nothing really happened. The people of Venezuela took that bitter pill, allowed their lives to be stolen and moved on.  Not to say they like what’s in store for them but with a huge intelligence machine in Venezuela who can fight without being compromised? I can see the two worlds, Venezuela and the U.S. as running parallel, one well on its way to full-blown socialism and the other creeping dangerously. No one is paying attention to the relationship of political health and national security. I hope to better illustrate their common frame of reference.

Part Two is coming soon. I just can’t keep up with my favorite despot…

America under attack

Someone has to say it. The systematic takeover of our country has been facilitated by opening the door to our communist trade partner China. I don’t have to tell you how disgusted I am to wake up every day knowing the Chinese own our national debt and if not stopped will own everything else. However this blog is not about economics but of how weak economies lead to weakened states which leads to a national security emergency. This is my opinion but when we look at the evidence all over the news (and mind you, the mainstream media does not expand on this) our so-called  trade partner and other foes have staged this takeover thanks to our marxist government. Before the web-based brown-shirts shut down our freedom of speech I will search for signs of the impending invasion – no, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m just pointing out the leak in the dam – and write about it. Maybe no one else will read these postings but me but they will be left behind when I’m long gone. But don’t let me limit this discussion to China; Venezuela is certainly an entity worthy of our attention and I hope many more people stop long enough to see what is coming.

And at least that is enough for me to go on writing on the oft chance that someone else does read this…


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